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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Impending Announcement

What will the big announcement scheduled for the 12th be? Every time it's the same—you click on the Apple page on the day and under your breath you say, "Da Da!" only to see whatever it is and then say. "Oh."

My guess is that it'll be a gadget something along the lines of an iPod, but with a bigger screen; the tagline will be something like, "Think Everything." It'll be the same width and height as a standard iPod but it will have a three inch screen and a small scroll wheel. As well as all the usual iPod features you'll be able to view PDFs and other documents, along with quicktime movies.

So that's my take—an incremental improvement that a lot of folks will be initially disappointed in.

However, below the surface there will be a few changes that will allow for third party development. For example: The connector will be enhanced to accept a keyboard and wifi access. You'll be able to create documents as well as just view them.

Then someone will develop a clip on camera...

I hope I'm wrong; my wish is for a Newton 3000. What do you think?


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